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Affordable Towing Services 

Fast Response Times

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Has your vehicle broken down in the middle of the road? We can respond quickly and provide you with the towing assistance you need to tow you to our facility for auto body repair or a car repair facility.


Mims Auto Body Repair offers prompt and safe towing services for your vehicles. Just contact us and we'll be there to assist you.

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In an accident? First call 911. Then call us 770-907-9629. We will safely transport your vehicle to our shop, where it can be assessed for damage. If the vehicle is repairable, our highly trained technicians can perform expert repairs. 


We Offer Safe and Reliable Towing 



After the vehicle arrives at the shop, our staff will work with the vehicle owner to begin the repair process. 


First, the liability must be determined. 


Customer Pay: If the vehicle owner wants to pay for the repair out of pocket, repairs can begin as soon as the owner authorizes the shop to proceed. We perform a meticulous disassembly of the damaged areas of the vehicle to identify all damage, and an estimator will meet with the customer to discuss the damage and repairs. We will order parts, if needed, and begin repairs. 


Insurance: If an insurance company will accept liability, the vehicle owner needs to report the accident to the insurance company of the at-fault party to begin the process. (We also recommend the vehicle owner report the accident to their own insurance company, even if another insurance company will take liability.) In many cases, the insurance company will write an initial estimate. The insurance representative can come to the shop to assess the damage and provide an estimate. (It is not necessary for the insurance company to move the vehicle to assess the damage. Ask our knowledgeable staff for advice regarding moving the vehicle and communication with the insurance company.) The shop will gather the claim number and other information from the insurance estimate. Or, if the insurance company requests an estimate from the shop and the vehicle owner authorizes it, we can assess the damage, prepare an estimate, and submit it to the insurance company. When an insurance company is involved, the vehicle owner should expect some delays. 


If the vehicle is not repairable, our knowledgeable staff can help guide the customer through the total loss process. Research the value of your totaled vehicle before you accept an offer from the insurance company.


Call Mims Auto Body Repair for more info. 


Services we provide:

  • Rapid response

  • Flatbed towing

You have the choice to pay by Cash or American Express, Visa, or Mastercard Debit or Credit Card – fees may apply for payment by card. No personal checks for towing or inspections.

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Welcome To Mims Auto Body Repair!

For over 20 years Mims Auto Body Repair has been Metro Atlanta's leading and most trusted collision repair and dent repair shop.We are dedicated to providing professional customer service and auto body repair.

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Our Partners In Collision Repair

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