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Nobody likes looking into auto body repair services. It’s usually a headache to find a reputable shop to do your car’s body work. Most people have been involved in at least a fender bender at one time or another. More than likely, you’ve recently been involved in an accident that required auto body repair. As important as these repairs were, you still didn’t want to break the bank in order to have collision repairs done to your dinged up vehicle.

Unfortunately, what’s considered “minor accident repair” can still cost upwards of $5,000 dollars. Fortunately, Mims Auto Body Repair is the number one auto body repair shop in Riverdale, GA. We are the one collision repair shop Riverdale's residents feel confident enough to bring their battered and bruised vehicles time and time again.

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We are equipped with the latest diagnostic and maintenance tools to ensure that you get back on the road in a timely and safe manner. Most drivers want to forget about the accident there car was in, and that means making your car look as good, if not better, than it did before the accident. No matter how extensive the body work is, we have the technicians to restore your vehicle to its original beauty. Whether it’s just a few dent repairs here and there, or full on part replacements, you can relax knowing our auto body service station is on the job. Your vehicle will be in the most capable hands possible.

Here are some of the collision repair services we offer:

  • Free Estimates

  • Frame Repairs

  • Mechanical Repairs

  • Fiberglass Repairs

  • Custom RefinishingDents/Scratches

  • Color Matching

  • Full Frame Analysis & Repair

  • Advanced Frame Repair

  • Unibody Repair

  • Structural Damage

  • Steering & Suspension

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